Fair Food Forager

Here at Settlers Tavern we believe we can make a difference one straw at a time using bio-degradable and compostable straws, water cups and take-away coffee cups.
We use 100% recycled paper for menus and bathroom paper and towels.
We use bio-degradable garbage bags and we recycle cardboard and glass bottles into hired recycle bins.
We re-use (up-cycle) wine bottles for the filtered Margaret River water we serve in the restaurant and water saving is always a priority. 

Fair Food Forager: the app making it easier to find local ethical food

Ecotourism Australia's newest Business Members, Fair Food Forager (FFF), is a new and exciting web-based app that makes it easier for you to find fairer food experiences - the FFF app will provide a location-based service to help people find delicious food that supports environmental sustainability.

FFF was founded by Paul Hellier who, after finding it challenging to find cafes or restaurants that wouldn't serve food in disposable cups and polystyrene containters, simply wanted to create a search platform based entirely on businesses that cared about the environment,

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