Toby (WA)

Saturday 15th October, 9pm. Free Entry

In just six months our local songstress Toby Beard has performed over 40 shows around Europe plus a bunch of shows in WA, launching her brand new single "In Your Skin" - recorded and produced by award winning Joel Quarterman. (Eskimo Joe) Toby performed at major festivals in both Germany and Denmark, plus her own headline shows including 1000 year old cellars, theatres, bars, castles and one of the highest security male prisons in Belgium.

She simply doesn't stop. Her life is more on the road than it is in her own home town. Her wife Amy and their 18 month old baby Angus joined them on the road in Europe for five weeks, which brings along extra challenges and fun!

Over the next few months, Toby will continue to launch her single around the world - with a three week tour in Canada/USA including festivals, plus her 4th performance at Women's Red Rock Festival in Utah plus she will return to some favourite venues in Western Australia - including SETTLERS TAVERN, Margaret River! For two nights only!

"In Your Skin" has taken my music into a new direction. I'm so happy with the end product, and working with Joel really was exciting. He buzzes in the studio - he is in his creative zone, and it's awesome to share that zone with him".