The Mexicans

The Mexicans (WA)

Saturday 4th March, 9pm. Free Entry.

Broome reggae roots band 'The Mexicans' are leaving their endless aqua blue beach paradise and bringing their special brand of sunny grooves down south WA on their first album release tour.

Accustomed to providing the soundtrack to a holiday lifestyle for the multicultural Broome community, the band of brothers features Brendan Clarey on trumpet, Dan Houston on Sax, singer Tonchi McIntosh, Gavin Pigram on drums and percussion, George Bishop on bass and Bart Pigram on guitar.

Inspired by their surroundings as much as the musical history of the Kimberley, the influence of the songs of Desmond Dekker and The Aces, Toots and The Maytal and Jimmy Cliff played in local backyards since the 60's, is inescapable.

Named after a hot and sweet locally evolved chilli, their album "Broome Chillies" features songs about living on the pearl coast: love, life, food and new friends. It's simple, intense and pure: well worth a look!

Lyrics from "The Last Frontier": "If you really want to find me, I'll be in The Kimberley. Where the king tides rule the ocean, I'll be causing some commotion. With my good friends by my side, I'll be dancing to the rising tide so, tell your friends they should be here cause we're living it up in The Last Frontier!"