Henry Faulkner

Henry Faulkner (NZ)

Sunday 28th May, 3pm. Free entry

Hailing from Albany WA and the shores of Gisborne New Zealand, comes Singer / Songwriter Henry Faulkner. Henry specialises in providing an upbeat yet chilled vibe creating a warm, laid back atmosphere drawing from a wide and eclectic range of influences. Inspiring, earthy, rich, soulful tones.

Henry's debut EP "Changes" recorded July 2013 in Auckland New Zealand, was recorded entirely solo (acoustic guitar, bass, drum programming, lead vocals).

Henry is currently in pre-production, writing and recording his first full length album, which will be recorded with his band Henry Faulkner & The Electribe and consists of RnB, Electronic, Reggae and Roots/Blues Rock sounds.

Tracks from the album like "Dance in the Moonlight" - a song about lost love and reinvention, also "Genie" - a song touching on the way another human can grant small wishes unknowingly, are sure to touch and move followers.

Henry has played extensively as a solo artist throughout WA, Qld and New Zealand.

Henry's live shows are up close and personal, leaving you feeling inspired by his smooth vocals and blues influenced guitar style.

"You can have the voice of an angel, but a real musician can play the... strings of their own heart.....thank you so much for your beautiful music tonight, it had so much depth and raw emotion and thank you for letting me take it into my home, I' m listening to them now, such a lovely gift, hope we have the pleasure of hearing you again, much love and success to you. - Amanda Winchester