Coco Blu

Coco Blu (WA)

Friday 21st July, 9pm. Free Entry

The brainchild of veteran musician, artist, and actor, Justin Burford, Coco Blu is a genre mash-up like no other. Having spent years investigating various musical forms and styles with such legendary outfits as The Sleepy Jackson and End of Fashion, Burford now brings it all home with this bold new solo experiment.

Beginning in early 2015, Burford has sought to craft what he terms "an homage to be record collection", honing a sound best described as "futuristic vintage", blending rock and roll, soul, 60s French pop, jazz, and a myriad of other influences into a gestalt groove that is at once genre-defying and sonically harmonious,

Tackling themes of connection and disconnection, the human condition, quantum theory, spirituality and universal law, Burford wrote, recorded, produced and performed the album entirely himself, finishing the final mix with the help of the renowned Andy Lawson in late 2016.

To join him on stage, Burford has recruited some of the most respected instrumentalists in the WA music scene. WAAPA trained percussionist and drummer Nathan Sproule and bass player Jay Cortez of The Sleepy Jackson form the rhythmic backbone, with Burford himself on vocals and guitar. Although conceived as primarily a three-piece, New York based keyboardist, Tobias Gosfield, occasionally adds to the mix. As Burford himself notes, "The album has fairly layered and complex moments but is always fun and energetic and unpredictable with a somewhat 'janky' quality. That's what I want to convey live. There's something really special about a scrappy three piece. Tobias is there when we need him to fill the sound and add texture."

A journey more than a destination, Coco Blu is the work of a master musician and songwriter coming to terms with his experiences and influences, and synthesizing them into something truly new and original. Buford cordially invites you to join him on this strange road.