Chief Monkey

Chief Monkey (WA)

Sunday 17th December, 3:30pm. Free entry.

Local Favourites Chief Monkey bring their unique sound to the Tav again.

The trio consists of Saul Cresswell, Paul DesBaux, and Tony Lane, who all take turns to write and sing songs, passing instruments around like hot potatoes.

They mostly feature guitar, uke and bass, but mix it up with a bit of didgeridoo, melodica, percussion and sanxien (that's a badly spelled Chinese three-stringed fretless banjo).

As for style, well you can expect a bit of swing, reggae, gypsy-ska, country and acoustic hip-hop.

Just generally good vibe!  And good ethics too: songs about life and trees and politics and consumerism and music, and maybe one about love (but they reckon other bands have covered that subject pretty well).